LED / Red Light Therapy

Light therapy has been used for decades with success and has now really taken off in the complementary animal healing field.

Light therapy is a gentle, non invasive, effective way to help the body heal itself. The light is a specific wavelength and delivered at specific dosage. The 2 different wavelengths are absorbed at different depths through tissue, thus encouraging healing of cells in a variety of situations. It stimulates the function of the cells and helps them repair and rejuvenate, increases circulation in the cells allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be transported and helps speed up elimination of waste products out of the body. It also increases production of collagen, which is a major protein in the body used to repair damaged tissue.

Therapeutic benefits include soft tissue injuries, inflammation, ligament soreness, tendon problems, sore spots, sprains, strains, arthritis and pain in general.

Light therapy sessions are available as a standalone treatment, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes or can be an adjunct to massage or hydrotherapy and a lovely way to “wind down” after a hydro session as dogs find it extremely relaxing.


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