Canine Remedial Massage Therapy

All touch is healing and techniques range from light strokes, long relaxing stokes through to remedial friction but always within comfort. Massage can be used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program or standalone for its own therapeutic benefits.

Massage has many benefits for young, old, fit, performance or injured dogs:

  • promotes blood flow and therefore oxygen & nutrients to affected areas
  • reduction in pain
  • assists quicker recovery from injury and surgery
  • can help dogs live longer more comfortable lives
  • especially important for seniors, massage assists muscles that support old, arthritic joints helping them move more freely
  • promotes calmness and relaxation, great for stressed or anxious dogs
  • assist with scar tissue management, adhesions and fibrous tissue
  • assists sporting and working dogs for optimal performance and enhances post event recovery / reduced lactic acid build up etc.
  • Improves endurance through increased circulation
  • improves range of motion as frees up tight, tense muscles,
  • strengthens immune system


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