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Everything for your pets best life

One of the best things we can do for quality and longevity of our animal companions’ lives is keep them moving and mobile, this can literally add time and make the years far more comfortable.

Sporting and agility dogs can benefit just like human athletes with our therapies to keep them in tip top shape.

Dogs benefit greatly from a range of rehabilitation tools and techniques. To complement these, we offer:

• Hydrotherapy / Underwater treadmill
• Remedial / Relaxation Massage
• LED (Red Light) Therapy

Speak to us about a treatment plan to assist your dog.
We work on Veterinarian referral.
Whilst the majority of our services are for dogs, we can also offer services to cats who may be in need - feel free to discuss this with us.

What to expect for my sessions?

A standard hydrotherapy appointment takes approx 30 minutes. Your dog will be reviewed and assessed, we constantly monitor progress to make sure each treatment is most effective, then into the tank for the prescribed timeframe. After the session, we drain the water and towel dry doggie.
Please do not feed your dog 2 hours prior to the session. We do provide healthy treats for encouragement and reward, but if you have some favorite treats you would rather use, feel free to bring them along.

A standard remedial massage session takes approx 30 minutes. As per above, we constantly check in on progress. Please do not feed your dog 2 hours prior to the session.
Owners are most welcome to attend all sessions, often it can be a nice “time out” for both doggie and owner while your dog blisses out.

How do I pay?

Payment can be via POS system or cash.
You can pay on a session by session basis, or we offer discounts for prepaid sessions of 10.

How many sessions will my dog need?

With the complexities of the myriad of conditions that can affect a canine, as well as each one being individual means treatments can vary or be a little unpredictable. We aim to provide a good estimate of number of sessions / length of recovery but each dog will recover differently so please factor this in. Ongoing maintenance is sometimes beneficial too.

Where do we go from here??

If you are interested in exploring any of our services, you are most welcome to call and discuss over the phone free of charge.
The first appointment in clinic is a full assessment which takes approx 1 - 1.5 hours.
We discuss all issues surrounding your beloved doggie’s conditions & diagnosis, your expectations, review Veterinarian’s notes/referral, observe and record via notes and video your dog’s condition and then discuss the plan going forward.

Canine Remedial Massage Therapy

All touch is healing and techniques range from light strokes, long relaxing stokes through to remedial friction but always within comfort. Massage can be used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program or standalone for its own therapeutic benefits. Massage has many benefits for young, old, fit, performance or injured dogs:

Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of an Underwater Treadmill using the buoyancy and healing properties of warm water. We have a brand new state of the art Underwater Treadmill which features a deep water tank, super quick fill and empty, reversible belt, dual entry doors for easy entry and exit, power inclined ramp for greater athletic and aerobic workout...

LED / Red Light Therapy

Light therapy has been used for decades with success and has now really taken off in the complementary animal healing field.


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